Who we are

New Culture Foundation is an independent private non-governmental organization registered in 2003 in Sofia (Bulgaria). The Foundation operates as an interdisciplinary network of journalists, artists, historians, writers, new media designers and volunteers. Its main activities are developed in Northwest Bulgaria, mainly in Gorna Bela rechka village.

The village is part of the Vratchanski Balkan Natural Park and Natura 2000. It is located 8 km from Varshets and 85 km from Sofia. Almost 60 residents and increasingly diminishing number of goats and sheep live there.


Main goals

Developing the Northwestern region through GOATMILK Memories Festival and other cultural and educational activities and projects.

Collecting and studying personal stories.

Creating a safe space for different cultures and people to meet.



Everyone is entitled to his culture and the way to express it.

Everyone is the author of his own identity.

Memory is a powerful tool to “healing” the stereotypes.

Arts create a safe space for hard and traumatic topics to be discussed.



Northwest Bulgaria is a clean, ecological, cozy and desirable place to work, create and live.


What is new culture

New culture might be just e metaphor. If culture stays for how we play roles, than “new culture” just reminds us the drastically increased diversity of our roles. This is pleasant, but scary too. After being in that many roles, which we really are?

To answer we need a bit more cultural sensitivity.

What is cultural sensitivity?

Cultural sensitivity is being able to accept and be aware that part of the roles we play are shaped in the context one grows up and lives today. Thus all of us represent a complex of different contexts. It’s better to realize that before we create new games with new rules and new roles.

Why do we need cultural sensitivity?

Because it gives us joy and a chance to communicate with the others with ease and delight.

You realize that they, like you, come from a specific context, that they, like you, want to get rid of a certain role, and they, like you, are looking for a role to inspire them.



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