May 24-28 // Gorna Bela Rechka village

LOVE // PEDAGOGY // SCHOOL is the main theme of the 14th GOATMILK Festival of memories. New approaches to education and never-ending learning will be discussed by artists, documentarists, teachers, therapists, students from Bulgaria and the world in the village of Gorna Bela Rechka (Varshets Municipality), May, 24th – 28th.

Within 4 days, we will try to outline together the contours of the imaginary school in which we all learn and study. In this “school” at any moment we will ask ourselves the following questions:
– What competencies do children need today? Are those taught at school? How?
– What skills do adults lack today? Where and how could they be taught about?
– What do we want to learn, regardless of the age?

The German writer Nicki Pawlow for the first time in Bulgaria will read (in German and Bulgarian) from her novel “The Bulgarian Doctor”. The book was published in German in 2015, the Bulgarian premiere is upcoming.

Movies – “Godless” by Ralitsa Petrova, “The Bookkeeper” by Catherine Bernstein and Assen Vladimirov, “The Beast Is Still Alive” by Mina Mileva and Vesela Kazakova, “In the Mirror” by Julia Kancheva, “Cambridge” by Eldora Traykova will have their Northwest premiere.

QUADRO NUEVO concert on May 27, Saturday is among the special music accents of the festival. Musicians from the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra will participate and thus will invite the guests of the festival also for the big concert of the quartet in Bulgaria Hall on May 30th. The concert will also feature the youth composition of the Varscheta Brass Orchestra. For the second time guests of GOATMILK is also the cult group from Varshets SEVEROZAPADNJACITE with a concert on May 26, Friday.

Another accent of the festival is Cuba – Ulises Quintana De Armas of Havana, one of the authors in the “My Street Cuban Stories” project, comes to GOATMILK with a surprising presentation with cinema, music and literature.

As always, food and children are among the most important highlights of the festival.

This year, besides the traditional Slow Food degustation of local delicacies and tastes, we will also look for the roots of love for food. Nutritional therapist and psychologist Michaela Beloreshka will help us answer the question who has taught us how to cook and what has passed to us along with the recipe.

For a second consecutive year, children are offered a special program throughout the festival in Firefly House of Galia and Plamen Dimovi.

Full festival program is expected by the end of April!

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