The key idea behind all activities in Bela Rechka is volunteering. Everybody is welcome to visit us and to work as volunteer to help in gardening and keeping the green areas and the nature clean or to help the local elder people.  Our main partner since 2008 is the International Bauorden Organisation http://www.bauorden.de/. Here are the projects we have accomplished together:

2018 – The Big Hall // 6 volunteers from France, Netherlands, Germany and Bulgaria renovate the big hall, used by the whole village for common celebrations and gatherings

2017 – new wooden benches and sitting places // 8 people from Bulgaria, Germany and Austria work together with the Bulgarian landscape artist Rumen Dimitrov and create new benches and sitting places from fallen wood in the forest

2016 – Rooty Bar // 12 people from Brasil, Austria, Germany, Netherlands and Bulgaria worked in Bela Rechka (May, 4-24) and created the new Rooty Bar, renovated the bridge behind the kazan and restored lots of chairs for the festival workshops.

2015 – festival building renovation and restauration // 8 volunteers from Germany, China and Bulgaria worked on restauration and renovation of the main entrance of the festival building with recycled wood. They built a new wooden fence around the public toilets and refresh them. The overal painting of the festival rooms in the former school is completed.

2014 – school inner and outer restauration, gardening // 5 German and Bulgarian volunteers accomplished the renovation of the new White Room in the main festival building, finished the outer painting of the building and the garden space behind the school.

2013 – school roof renovation and repainting of the school completed // 12 volunteers from Germany and Bulgaria made a complete renovation of the roof and the main building and repainted the walls of the building. They also crafted a new bench in front of the bell and new wooden steps to the bell.

2008 – kazan restauration // 10 volunteers from the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria worked in May during the first Bauorden volunteer camp to restore the destroyed building of Kazan (the local destillary) and to bring a new Kazan to the village. The project was initiated by Herbert Heuss (Germany).

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