May 22 – 24 2020

We live in fast times. Time of move. Real and virtual. Travel is free, work – found all over the world. We move from town to town, from one country to another. We leave our homes willingly but also under threat. We find new places to stay, live and leave.

How does the fast time and the move change our sense of belonging? What motivates us to participate in this move? Do we ask ourselves where we are going and what we are looking for?

In 2003 a group of volunteers met to research the local people’s memories. Thus the international Goatmilk Festival of memories was created. At that time, all the inhabitants of the village have had something in common – they had all been born here, left the village to live and work in Varshets, Vratsa, Montana or Sofia, had retired and returned to Bela Rechka.

The picture of the village is completely different 17 years later. Most of the people we met then have passed away over the years. The grandchildren have grown up and have their own reasons for spending time in the village. The festival attracted new people, with no family links to Bela rechka, from Sofia, Canada, the United States who bought houses here. Other locals have retired and returned from the cities.

All this provoked us to go back and forth. What happened in those 17 years? How did the change of generations and new relationships in the village (foreign / locals) transform the map of today’s moods and dreams?

We look forward to seeing you at the seventeenth GOATMILK Festival of Memories!

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