There’s no such word. Neither in Bulgarian nor in English. If we see the two words of which it is composed, we will be even more confused – Centriphery = Central + Periphery. CENTRIFERS = central periphery.

The project, in which the New Culture Foundation is partnering with eight European organizations, is designed precisely for this purpose – to prove at first glance the impossible theory that each periphery is its own center.

As every Periphery is its own center, Centriphery will give the citizens of the so-called “periphery” a central voice in exploration and transformation of local myths and empower them to participate in the re-creation of local identities and European narratives.

Centriphery is a multi-layered interdisciplinary, inclusive and accessible, European project engaging professional international artists in an intensive dialogue with local artists, participating citizens (citizen artists) in decentralized regions.

Centriphery is an intercultural, intergenerational, inclusive cultural and artistic project involving intangible cultural heritage in the form of myths and legends, developed with a participatory community-driven approach.

Interdisciplinary by nature, it will involve various art forms, while referring to current social, cultural, and regional challenges. It will engage communities and citizens of all ages and in which both process and presentations will be designed as inclusive and accessible.

Professional artists specialized in a wide variety of genres will work together with citizens of different ages and social-, cultural- and economic backgrounds, including groups in risk of social exclusion and people with special abilities.

Centriphery corresponds to the newly added field of social practice, an interdisciplinary art medium, focussing on social engagement, enhancing collaborations between individuals, communities, and institutions in the creation of different participatory artistic presentations.

Cenriphery project is financed under Creative Europe Programme of EU and by Bulgarian National Fund of Culture. http://www.centriphery.eu/

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