June 23 – 25. 2023, Gorna Bela Rechka

Dear present and new friends and associates,

We invite you to participate in the transformative edition 19. of GOATMILK – a festival of willing manifestations!

19 years is a serious age for any living thing – a tree, a person, a festival. A moment when we seriously consider the existential question “What’s next?”

Wherever we go, it is clear – it’s time for TRANSFORMATION!

How will we challenge you?

We will explore our recent years’ personal life paths, the changes in our immediate circle, and also in our social personifications and boundaries.

We will actively observe the nature around us – what have we been causing to it over the years and what responses we receive back.

We will explore the resources we have on the ground – natural, human, cultural and historical – and to what extend we see their potential to use them in the transformational process.

Together, we will create the strength of that environment that we truly wish to live in and in which we dream to develop our activities.

We will create – having in mind what future we envision for our children and grandchildren.

The genesis of change

The transformation began two years ago with the question “What have we become?” It continued in the past 2022 when we experimented with new festival dates around the celebration of the herbs and proved that a periphery can be its own center, bravely turning for the first time from the past to the modernity.

Whatever ideas we’ve had over the years,

whatever we have been able to uncover,

whatever guests we have welcomed – in the program and in the audience,

whatever relationships we’ve been in as a team,

whatever interactions we had with the local people,

nothing, none of it works anymore.

And that’s completely normal! Same with the care of a child, it is different when it is new born, at 5, or at 15. It is likewise with the festival – the responsibility for its content, meaning, and dynamics, lies within the living life.

Thanks to everyone who, with his/her direct contact with the GOATMILK idea, has certainly contributed to its natural movement!

What’s next?


It is also connected with an invitation to all of you for ideas and events. There is only one condition for yours to be considered – it should answer the question:

What could we do together …

for the land / for nature / for the periphery / for the center / for the personality / for the food / for the art?

Send your ideas by May 15, 2023 to the email address: novakultura@gmail.com – in the preferred genre and format – text, presentation, audio or video.

All conceptual proposals will be published on the website of New Culture Foundation and on social networks (on the Facebook page of the foundation and of the festival) for voting. You will have 5 days to support a proposal – 16-21 May 2023. The first 5 projects with the most votes will be invited and presented in the festival’s program. We will announce who they will be on May 24, 2023.

The selected projects, as well as all preparatory activities for the festival, will take place during the week of GOATMILK – from Monday, June 19, 2023.

All of you for whom the word “willingly” means excitement and joy are welcome!

For questions, suggestions, comments,

Yours, Mariana – phone number +359888310667

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