The GOATMILK festival is most of all a meeting place. And  an event that tries to put the questions about personal memories and collective memory (a ”high voltage” question in our society) in a new perspective and environment - offering at one hand the relaxed ambiance of one authentic Bulgarian Balkan village like Bela Rechka with its hospitality, goat milk and walnut trees and, on the other hand, innovative and new approaches from the European debates and art world in the field of memories, identity and new culture.

The real aim is to meet people and worlds that usually don’t mix and to provoke new insights and questions about our own memories and their connection with our present. And - maybe the most important thing! - To discover the real joy that all this brings to us!

Some key questions: How do we remember as individuals and forget as societies? What is changing in the way we remember in the Internet-era? Do we need memories today? Is there a joy in remembering? Why we need to forget?