Goat Milk 2017

GOATMILK 2017 is coming!


Since 14 years we, the organizers and the participants in Goatmilk festival of memories, learn from each other – through sharing personal stories, empathy, voluntary work, through our relationship with the nature. There upon we dedicate the festival this year precisely to a different and new way of learning.

We live in a time in which the school (as we grownups know it) is not “teaching” our children anymore and allows them no chance to get what they really need in today’s “flat world”. Moreover, it’s not presenting the knowledge in a manner, children would be interested into.

So there our challenging invitation comes – let’s turn together Bela Rechka into the most desired – by children, adolescents and adults – school. We have the building of the former school that existed until the end of the 50s and which we constantly renovate and take care for in the last 14 years. We have the energy of the festival participants – people who come from all over the world.

Let’s draw together the contours of imaginary school where we all study and learn. In that school we will keep asking ourselves questions:
– What competences are needed by kids today? Are those taught at school? How?
– What skills are lacking adults today? Where and how they could learn them?
– What would you like to learn during the festival, regardless of your age?

What is your idea for a lesson during the festival – for children, adolescents or adults … deadline for submitting ideas to novakultura@gmail.com is 15.03.2017!
So we would draw together the school we want to study and learn in! From May 24th to 28th – Gorna Bela Rechka.

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