White Shirts from Bela Rechka

An artistic project by Galina Ivanova, developed since 2005.

The project is inspired by the women in Bela Rechka who have created  the special white shirts in the past (Ivana, Maria, Bogdana, Milevka, Sofikya, Nikolina, Tima, Dona, Nadezhda, Petra…) as well as by the purity and simplicity of the shirts. The motto of the project are 2 favorite Todorka’s quotes:

“When I put the white shirt on, I feel better, somehow richer“

 “One shirt for me, the others – for gifts “.

Since 2005 the project has developed in several directions: different  collections of old and new shirts,designed by Galina, collection of family stories and old photographies.

There have been several exhibitions  (2010 & 2015 in Bela Rechka, 2016 in Bonn), open vintage ateliers and workshops.

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