“Goatmilk Poets” – workshop on rhythm an rhyme

„Goatmilk Poets“ will be the first poetry workshop we have ever had in Bela Rechka!
The workshop will take place EVERY DAY from 24 till 26 of May and will be lead by David Jacobs (a poetry lover from Bonn) – in Bulgarian, English and German.

We invite you to explore the world of poetry by reading, writing and talking about poems. Feel free to listen and talk about poems and poets that have touched you.

Call for Poems

We would love to use poetry written by “Goatmilk Poets” all over the world in the first part of the upcomming “Goatmilk Poets” workshop. So we ask you to send poems to be read during the workshop. It would be of great help if you could include a translation into Bulgarian, English and German language.

Please send your poems and your full adress to goatmilkpoets@gmx.de

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