The legendary Jazz quintet MARION&SOBO BAND opens the GOATMILK Festival!

“When antidepressants do not work, it is time for Esprit Manouche – without prescription and totally irresistable!”
Folker Magazine

Great news! The legendary MARION & SOBO BAND opens the GOATMILK Festival on May 24th with their newest album – “Esprit Manouche”!

This will be their first ever visit to Bulgaria!

The quintet celebrates cultural diversity and connects the creatively engaging sounds of global music with the tradition of improvisation in jazz. The French-American singer Marion Lenfant-Preus, the Polish guitarist Sobo and their German band create their own modern style of gypsy jazz by seeking for more freedom in their music, by honoring traditions and yet not letting those limit them in any way. Their international roots, their experiences around the world, life in foreign countries and their everyday experiences, are the basis and the source of inspiration for their music.

What makes the quintet so special is also their singer, Marion, to whom language is music as she sings in French, Spanish, English, German, Portuguese and several Balkan languages and dialects. She also uses her multifaceted voice as an instrument and explores new sonorities through scat singing. Unlike most gypy jazz bands playing with a singer, the MARION & SOBO BAND plays without using any drums but instead using the percussive gypsy guitars in the style of the Selmer-Macaferri of the 1930s. The violin, the guitars and the double bass deliver an energetic and rhythmic sound and combine expressive and sensitive melodies with improvisation. The stage is their home and the five musicians play and sing with charm, humor and enthusiasm to a cross-generational audience!

The first Bulgarian Tour of Marion&Sobo Band is made possible with the support of Goethe Institute Sofia, the New Culture Foundation and the Bela Rechka friends Club.

The quintet will have only 2 concerts in Bulgaria:
23 May, Sofia, Studio 5 Club 19.00 tickets:
24 May, Bela Rechka, GOATMILK Festival. 21.00 open entrance

In Bela Rechka the musicians will give two very special workshops for the GOATMILK festival guests!


Language: English
Participants: anyone can join with or without a guitar! Come with your guitar if you have one
Speakers: Sobo & Jonas (the guitarists of the MARION & SOBO BAND)

Length: approx. 50 Minutes

The two guitarists will demonstrate the basic elements of Gypsy Jazz guitar playing. They will show what the rythm guitar does and also show you a few lines to play on solo guitar.
If you are not a guitarist this workshop will still be interesting for you to also learn about the Gypsy Jazz style in general, the origins of this music and about Django Reinhardt.


Language: English
Participants: everyone has a voice, so everyone can join! No singing abilities required.
Speaker: Marion (the singer of the MARION & SOBO BAND)

Length: approx. 50 Minutes

Your voice is a wonderful tool that you use everyday! Marion’s approach to singing is always linked to her body and how she can use it to feel better and more confident when she speaks or when she sings. She will teach you a few excercises you can do at home to start your day by waking up your body and your voice. You will get tips you can use before giving a speech in front of your colleagues, or of course before singing and all will learn a fun song to sing together. Everyone should participate even if you never sing or only in the shower! No special clothing required, but preferably something confortable. Participants will mostly stand.


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