The new Bulgarian Documentary “Rock’n’roll” opens GOATMILK!


Rock’n’roll  – the newest documentary of Borislav Kolev – comes after the premiere in Sofia and opens the GOATMILK Festival!  Rock’n’roll is a moving story based on the memories of the members of the legendary Bulgarian rock bands Ahat, Review, Era, Er Malak, New Generation, Kontrol, Kalle, Hipodil. Their revolutionary by the 80’s standards music and lyrics shattered the social conventions and became a guiding light for the counterculture in Bulgaria.

This film will open your eyes for the societal and political change in Bulgaria at the end of the 80s and the very important role the new music groups played in those times.

The rock stars play their biggest hits in the film and tell their very personal stories – about the creation of the bands in schools and universities and the rehearsals in basements and cellars, about the private concerts for a couple of friends and the big stage,  how the government attempted to tame them by giving them a chance to play in front of big audiences, how euphoric everybody was by the political changes in the autumn of 1989, and how despair forced people into  mass emigration from Bulgaria to the West in the early 90’s, from which many of them become a part. 

We see a dialogue in absentia between the rock musicians and their former colleague father Bozhidar – a village priest today, a member of Ahat and author of the Bulgarian rock anthem “The Black Sheep” at the time.

The film pays tribute to the outstanding poet and musician Dimitar Voev who left this world at a very young age. His restless spirit lives again in Rock’n’roll through the archive footage and through the amazing songs he wrote for his bands Calais and New Generation.

90 minutes  Rock’n’roll !

in Bulgarian, with English subtitles

Big Hall, 24 May, 19.00

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