GOATMILK 2019: we are fully booked!

Dear friends, we are fully booked!

We do not accept more reservations  for the GOATMILK Festival 2019!

Please note that you are still welcomed to visit us (and we appreciate and encourage you to do so!). You can either come with your tent or camper or look for options in Varshetz! 

Accommodation and sleeping options 2019

You can stay in a private house in Gorna Bela Rechka, in a tent, in the neighbouring village of Dolna Bela Rechka (1.5 km), in Varshetz (8 km).

If you want a room in a village house in Gorna Bela Rechka, you can book a double room – a bed costs around 15 BGN per 1 night. Includes breakfast. Simple, rustic conditions.

For reservations – send an e- mail till April 30 2019 to novakultura@gmail.com. Make sure you precisely mark date of arrival, number of nights and number of people.

NOTE! Due to the large number of applicants and limited places, we accept reservations only against advanced payment – via PayPal on novakultura@gmail.com

or to the bank account of the foundation


If you stay in a tent or camper – come earlier to find a convenient location near the water. Camping is free ( if you want to support the festival you can make a voluntary donation on the spot).

If you want a room in Dolna Bela Rechka – you can book up to April 30th through us or to search independently.

The resort and spa centre Varshetz, 8 km from Gorna Bela Rechka, offers a variety of private rooms and hotels. More information www.varshets.info

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