THE GREAT OUTSIDE is a concept based on the idea of ​​personal space and the personal pace at which everyone learns and communicates with the world.

Nature cannot do without children and children cannot do without nature. In our school we explore, discover, empathize, observe and ask the questions that excite us! We mix things up because in life nothing is just math, language or chemistry!

We follow the system of nature! Every day is full of hiking, problem solving, decision making, games and project work, music and art. An integral part is the clean, seasonal local fresh and delicious food. We will prepare it together and share it. We will learn the principles of permaculture, we will look at the beauty of the earth and earth construction and we will try to reduce pollution. In

THE GREAT OUTSIDE, children and adults are partners, playing and having fun, building feelings of friendship and respect for others as they learn about borders, about risks, about mutual help! In our activities we use natural resources and the expressive means of the arts to develop sensitivity, awareness and empathy.

Watch TV show “Before noon” on BTV with Mariana and Vladi :

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