Slow Food Information

The unique local seasonal food, prepared with care and triggering childhood memories, has always been an important element in our research work in Bela Rechka and the region. Five years ago, in 2011, our constant interest in regional food provoked us to create a Slow Food Convivia. The word Convivia, which is not so clear, means something very natural and simple – a community of people who are interested in the unique local flavours and foods and take care those to be preserved. The specific reason has been the delicious goat cheese that women in the village prepare in August since decades. But also our interest in manually prepared and roasted on an open fire pastry for banitsa, called here “obgi”. In the fresh soda bread, stuffed with beans dried peppers, fresh milk desert. And many other forgotten dishes that everyone can learn about more and experience himself within a specially organized events throughout the year.

The Slow food movement emerged in Italy in the small town of Bra in 1989 precisely aiming to preserve the endangered of disappearing local tastes and types of foods. The founder Carlo Petrini believes that food can be good, clean and fair to the people who produce it. Today people in more than100 countries in the world where the movement has its followers share that faith. We in Gorna Bela Rechka are among them.